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Jimmy Dillon – High Quality DVD Guitar Courses

Jimmy Dillon is a natural, both playing the guitar in many styles, and in his passionate teaching ability to educate you how to play guitar better, quicker, and with gut felt passion.

Jimmy created several high quality, high definition DVD guitar courses over the past few years. Each one different, various styles, from the Rockin the Blues, Soul of Acoustic Guitar, Eclectic Electric Guitar to the Ultimate Acoustic Blues Guitar, and many more.

Jimmy Dillon
Jimmy Dillon Guitar

Right from the get go, Jimmy Dillon’s first project, Soul of Acoustic Guitar set a new quality standard and changed the way guitar instruction DVD’s were made. A huge best seller for Jimmy, and a gift to those guitarist that wanted a course that they could actually learn quickly from in the comfort of their own home.

So take a look at each of them, all top shelf quality, all have a great money back guarantee, all a great investment in your skills and in yourself.

This is the one that started it all. Soul of Acoustic Guitar. This is the first course Jimmy Dillon created and it immediately became a best seller!

Jimmy Dillon
Jimmy Dillon’s Soul of Acoustic Guitar

Soul of Acoustic Guitar
Step-by-step instructions and tabs that allow you to play over 15 legendary acoustic styles, plus TONS of juicy guitar tricks
that YOU can learn almost immediately. Learn amazing sounding techniques that are as easy as pie.
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Jimmy Dillon

Eclectic Electric Guitar
Get ready for a whole new treasure chest of guitar pro “trade secrets”. Shave decades off your learning curve, and learn how the legends get their world-famous tones. You’ll take take a “quantum jump” to the pro league that will instantly upgrade your sound, improve your chops, and transform your entire mindset about electric guitar playing.
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Jimmy Dillon

Rockin’ the Blues Deluxe
Rockin the Blues Deluxe is the follow up to the smash-hit original “Rockin the Blues & Slide Guitar” from California session pro Jimmy Dillon. 3 DVDs (with tabs) of easy-to-play, yet highly effective blues formulas for both acoustic and electric guitar.
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Jimmy Dillon


Acoustic Enlightenment
Acoustic Enlightenment is a followup to Soul of Acoustic Guitar. This course comes on 3 DVD’s and includes tabs. You can learn 80% of Jimmy’s tricks almost instantly. They don’t require hours of drilling. Just pop the DVDs in… sit down and relax… and you’ll automatically learn them. (well you do have to take action and practice at least a little) Learn More    Order Now


Jimmy Dillon

Modern Acoustic Guitar
This course really is the easiest, quickest way to improve your skills on the acoustic guitar. Pay attention to what Jimmy’s doing, listen to his clear, concise, and easy instructions, and then shoulder your guitar and follow along in the included tabs. It’s that easy. All in the comfort of your home. Learn More    Order Now

Jimmy Dillon

Ultimate Blues Song Collection

Do you love guitar, do you love the blues, do want to get some serious skills in your kick butt list of songs you want to play? Then this DVD guitar course will make it happen quickly and easily while you have boatloads of fun.

You will get 50 killer blues songs with Jimmy Dillon‘s expert instructions, along with EASY chord charts to learn the tunes ultra fast… plus tabs if you want to go deeper into some of the licks.
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Jimmy Dillon

Rockin the Blues

Learn some awesome new blues guitar grooves with this brand new set of 3 DVDs and and tabs. It’s got everything from traditional acoustic blues, to modern electric styles, to how to practice, new licks, chords and more…  You’ll “just get it” with Jimmy’s style of teaching. Imagine showing off your new skills, in a very short time!
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Jimmy Dillon

Ultimate Acoustic Blues Deluxe
Get over 100 grooves, moves, and hot licks, stage proven riffs and chops that you can learn “almost” instantly! This is one of the only blues courses that comes with a double you money back guarantee, that’s how good it is! Learn how to play with passion and create never ending inspirational, never ending blues jams. Just the way you like it. Learn More    Order Now


Jimmy Dillon

Acoustic Cafe

Jimmy Dillon’s Acoustic Cafe is a new incredible course that combines “plug and play” guitar stuff, complete with tabs that will add to, and improve your guitar playing skills.

Then there is the fantastic “How to’s” of songwriting! This is like nothing you have ever seen before.

Have you ever struggled with putting great melodies, notes and chords together that made your lyrics sound like they belong to the song?  Well, Jimmy Dillon is going to give you some songwriting secrets that make the process a whole lot easier, secrets you just don’t get anywhere else!
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Jimmy Dillon has a couple friends that also have some top shelf DVD courses that we would like to recommend. First up is …

Ozzie Ahlers

Killer Keyboards Made Simple
Want to play piano or keyboards? Save yourself years of trial and error and quickly achieve the “pro keyboard sound”. What’s interesting is “the pro sound secrets” aren’t harder to play. They’re just as easy as “amateur playing”. The difference is that you’ll achieve a much sweeter, fuller sound.
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Dewayne Pate

Bass Zone Formula

When you get these Bass Zone Formula DVD’s you will learn rocket-fast, things you didn’t know were possible! You can zip months, even years off the learning curve when you get Dewayne’s insider secrets to bass guitar. Once you learn the bass zone formulas, there is no stopping your smooth bass thumping skills.  Learn More    Order Now


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